If you’re thinking about going to college, earning your ProStart® Certificate of Achievement is a good idea!

If you’re going to study culinary arts or hospitality management in college, the Certificate of Achievement is like a free pass to get out of some college courses. Many colleges and universities have “Articulation Agreements” with ProStart®. That means students who have a ProStart® COA don’t have to take some of the introductory classes that are required for non-ProStart® students. Ask your teacher for the ProStart® Passport to learn if the colleges you are considering “articulate” with ProStart®. If you aren’t planning a career in food service, having a ProStart® Certificate of Achievement can help you find a job to help pay your way through college. Presenting a copy of your COA when you apply for a job tells the employer you have the skills to succeed.

ProStart® COA students only (What is a COA?)

ProStart® COA scholarship

High School Graduate / GED (First Time Freshman)

NRAEF High School Scholarship

Students already in college ( ProStart® Alumni)

NRAEF Undergraduate Scholarship

Students enrolled in the ManageFirst program

ManageFirst Scholarship

General Academic for all hospitality related

AHLAF Academic Scholarship

Culinary Students

Culinary Trust Foundation Scholarship Just remember scholarships have rules, some organizations only allow you to receive one or two scholarships from them. Make sure you read all the rules, terms and conditions.

Hey ProStart Students:
A special message from the cool scholarship people at the NRAEF

If you are a ProStart alumni or a ManageFirst Student, you do not have to fill out a separate NRAEF application.  Please include a copy of your certificate(s) in your application.  The scholarship selection judges will consider your achievement in earning this certificate as part of the overall evaluation of your scholarship application packet. Read the application instructions to learn more.

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